Unreal Estate: 5 Unusual Homes of the Rich

These houses prove that money actually can buy you anything.

If you’re in the market for a completely absurd customized mansion, congratulations! National real estate brokerage Redfin has provided us with a few current listings that prove money actually can buy you anything.  

The House Without Roofs in Rancho Mirage, CA

Listed by John Glynn, Future Vision Realty

Do you feel stifled by the traditional elements of a house – like, say, ceilings? Then this California home may be for you. Many of the rooms feature an indoor-outdoor construction, with an open layout and magnificent views. Why watch a movie in a living room when you can watch it in a totally pimp outdoor entertainment area? NO REASON, that’s why.

Wayne Newton’s Las Vegas Mansion

Listed by Dale Thornburgh, Synergy Sothebys International

Wayne Newton’s 40-acre compound in – where else? – Vegas features a jet terminal connected to the house, a dedicated horse pool, a secret cave hidden behind bookshelves, and a zoo. No word on whether the zoo is home to any cougars. Zing!

The Pirate-Themed House in Riverside, CA

Listed by Karin McCoy, Allison James Estates & Homes

Finally, an answer to the age-old question, “what’s a lundlubbing pirate in California to do?” The owners of this elaborate home have infused it with pirate’s booty; rooms are adorned with skeletons, armor, canons, pirate statues, and seafaring decor. But unlike a real pirate ship, in this house, luxury (rather than scurvy) abounds.

The Star Trek-Themed House in Las Vegas

Listed by Paula Burlison, Coldwell Banker Premier

Set your phasers to stun! This Nevada manse takes nerdcore to the next level by incorporating a Star Trek theme into its structure and design. Doors are fashioned to look like the entryways of the Starship Enterprise, while hexagonal shapes are incorporated throughout, from the skylight (which is painted with stars) to the mirrors. It’s a house only Scottie could love.

The Malibu Home With a Room Just for Motorcycles

Listed by Christopher Cortazzo, Coldwell Banker-Malibu West

Nestled in the hills of Malibu, this stunning crib has a rustic chic vibe and boasts a whole room devoted to motorcycles – which seems a lot less extravagant once you realize that its current owner is motorcycle racer Ben Bostrom. So really, it’s not that different from you having a whole room in your house dedicated to any of your professional pursuits. Like finding a professional pursuit.