This Daredevil Urban Photographer Left Behind a Stunning Instagram

Police believe he was trying to subway surf when he died.
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On Instagram, where his stunning gift was on full display, the 25-year-old photographer was known only as HeavyMinds. He had over 115 thousand followers, huge fans of his daring shots made roaming forbidden parts of New York City. 

His real name was Christopher Serrano, and he died far too soon—possibly while seeking another epic shot. The New York Post reports that Serrano died on the Brooklyn F train Wednesday, "scaling the outside of the train sometime around 5 a.m."—according to their sources. The same sources also indicated the photographer may have been intoxicated when he died. 

Below are shots from Serrano's HeavyMinds account. They show a true daredevil spirit and an amazing eye. He was clearly gone too soon.