The Privi Pee Cape Will Make Sure Nobody Ever Sees You Peeing at a Urinal Again

If you don’t want anyone to see your junk, this is for you. 

As a woman, I don’t know anything about men’s bathroom culture — and I don’t want to know any more. Sure, I’ve peed in a urinal once or twice in my day, but what you guys do when you’re in there remains a mystery to me. Do you make small talk? Prolonged eye contact? High five while you cross streams? They all sound like reasonable possibilities to me.

It also seems reasonable to me that some men might feel uncomfortable hanging dong around coworkers and strangers alike. If you’re one of those shy urinators, then British bathroom retailer Plumbworld has just the product for you: The Privi Pee cape.

Simply put on this entirely conspicuous long black cape — which suction cups to the wall — and you’ll be able to cover your business while you do your business. 

For obvious reasons, this product isn’t actually going to be manufactured. But remember, you can always use nature’s invisibility cloak: a bathroom stall.

h/t Daily Dot