Vacations That Can Kill

Where R&R means Resuscitate and Recover.

Where R and R means Resuscitate and Recover

Not every vacation is relaxing – in fact, some can be downright terrifying. Or adrenaline inducing. Check out our favorite ways to get a rush and risk your life (in the lap of luxury, of course).

Dive Off a Cliff

Where to Do It: Tensing Pen, Jamaica

Why It’s Killer: Set along Negril’s western-edge, Tensing Pen’s multitude of natural rock formations are perfect for cliff diving — at three or thirty feet. You can also jump off the resort’s long rope bridge, which is hoisted over 20 feet above the Atlantic crashing below. Just make sure you’re not expecting to get much done — this resort has no TVs, radios, or phones, which means Tensing Pen is the perfect place to unplug and risk your life without any chance of phoning, radioing, or TVing for help.

Sleep Next to an Active Volcano

Where to Do it: Arenal Kioro Suites and Spa

Why It’s Killer: Although explosions from Arenal have been minimal since 2010, this active volcano once destroyed an entire Costa Rican town back in the 1960s. Camping out at the Arenal Kioro will not only enable you to see ash columns, underground rumbling, glowing orange lava flows and sudden explosions on a daily basis, but will also provide you with viewing these dangers from the (if a bit small) pool.

Get Eaten By a Lion

Where to Do It: &Beyond Nxabega Okavango Tented Camp, Botswana

Why It’s Killer: Head to Africa for one of the most amazing travel experiences — a safari, duh. Step inside your tented room — complete with plush bed — and soak in breathtaking views of the 17,000+ square-foot wildlife preserve. Make sure you only tour the grounds with your top-notch guide during the day, though: There’s no fence between you and the lions, elephants, and other creatures who call the Okavango Delta home.

Fall 100 Feet (Out of Your Room)

Where to Do It: Jade Mountain Resort, St. Lucia

Why It’s Killer: Besides taking a large stab out of your wallet, Jade Mountain can also take a serious stab at, well, life itself. Each of the spectacular 29 guest rooms feature an open fourth wall that houses the edge of your private infinity pool. But if the ride up to the resort is any indication (and our nauseous stomachs say yes), the terrain is jagged, dangerous, and downright scary: Swim one lap too far and you’ll fall out of your room. Plus, the open-air style allows nature’s creatures to come visit you at any time of day — something that not all travelers may be gung-ho on.

Surf the Most Intense Waves

Where to Do It: Ke Iki Beach Bungalows, Oahu, HI

Why It’s Killer: The North Shore of Oahu is known for its life-threatening surf, which is probably why only the most seasoned pros hit these waters. The bungalows, which each feature their own kitchenette, practically spill out onto the beach — a true surfer’s paradise. However, this resort isn’t chock-full of amenities, so only die-hard (and willing-to-die) surfers should check out this spot.

Heli-Ski (And Survive)

Where to Do It: The Crystal Lodge and Suites, Whistler

Why It’s Killer: Not for the faint of heart, Heli-skiing takes the Bunny Slopes to a whole new level – a level that’s only accessible by helicopter, of course. Heli-skiing is off-trail, downhill skiing that is accessed by a helicopter, not a ski lift. Those who participate are skiiers looking to get their thrills in an untouched, natural environment: the powder snow, long descents, natural terrain contours and of course, steep slopes. And despite the Crystal Lodge’s lackluster rooms, its location can’t be beat: In the heart of Whistler Village, with an on-site Starbucks, and an outdoor pool and hot tub to wind down from a day of heart-pounding jumps.

Climb a Bridge

Where to Do It: Quay Grand Suites Sydney

Why It’s Killer: Sydney’s Harbour Bridge is not only iconic, but also trekkable — you can climb the bridge that soars almost 450-feet over the city’s most notable landmarks, including the Rocks, Sydney Opera House and Circular Quay. The central location of the hotel makes getting to the base of your Bridge Climb a snap — and with climbs starting around $200, the experience is well worth the modest price tag. But should you find yourself chickening out of the group, watch your fellow travelers climb the Bridge from the comforts of your own balcony, and then rob their unoccupied rooms. Carpe Diem? Carpe Other People’s iPods!