This Super Stoney Weed Bouquet Is The Ultimate Valentine’s Day Gift

Good God.

Marijuana bouquet
Lowell Herb Co.

This Valentine’s Day, really throw out the old playbook and do something different. If she’s way more fond of the green than a dozen red roses and it’s legal in your state, get a weed bouquet. 

Speed Weed is a medical marijuana delivery service in the L.A. area that blends technology and convenience for its customers.
(Photo: Speed Weed)

So these aren’t actually available everywhere. The delicious ganja assemblage above is marketed by Lowell Herb Co. in sunny California, of course. According to High Snobiety it’s features an ounce of Purple Princess and is accented with wildflowers and eucalyptus. It’s also organically fertilized and never subjected to nasty man-made pesticides.

Live in LA? On February 14th this can be delivered anywhere in the city for a cool $400. 

Using legal recreational weed this way could lead to a renaissance of Valentine’s Day marketing, especially when the need for candy later is factored in.