You Can Now Spend the Night in This Famous Van Gogh Painting

Well, not exactly.

Screen Shot 2016-02-10 at 10.25.45 AM.png

There are few bedrooms more culturally recognizable than the crash pad Vincent van Gogh immortalized in his famous work Bedroom in Arles, the series of three paintings the Dutch painter composed in 1888 while he was living at “The Yellow House” in Arles, France. Now, for the first time, you can actually rent the exact same room van Gogh painted more almost 130 years ago.

Well, sort of. The celebrate the arrival of all three versions of Bedroom in North America for the first time, the Art Institute of Chicago created a 3-D replica of his bedroom and posted an ad for it on AirBnb

$10 a night? Shut up and take my money! (Photo: AirBnb)

“A digitally enhanced reconstruction of his bedroom allows viewers the chance to experience his state of mind and the physical reality of the space that so inspired him, while other enriching digital components bring to light significant recent scientific research on the three Bedroom paintings,” the Art Institute of Chicago says. “The result is an innovative yet intimate look at one of the most beloved and often-misunderstood artists of all time.

The room, part of a larger apartment and decorated with the same vivid color and post-impressionist style that Van Gogh pioneered, is already in high demand. While February stays are already booked solid, the Guardian reports that the museum will advertise March stays in the next few weeks.

The exhibition of Van Gogh’s three paintings runs from February 14th to May 10th at the Art Institute of Chicago. 

h/t Guardian