Victor Mooney is Rowing Across The Atlantic In a Rowboat Right Now

He officially hit the halfway mark yesterday afternoon, proving that anything is possible.

In hopes of raising awareness of HIV/AIDS – which took the life of his brother in the early ‘80s – 48-year-old Queens native Victor Mooney is traveling across the Atlantic Ocean in a 24-foot rowboat called the Spirit of Malabo.

Yesterday afternoon the New Yorker officially hit the halfway mark on his estimated 3,000-mile journey, after setting sail on February 19th from Maspalomas, Gran Canaria, in Spain. With a goal of reaching the British Virgin Islands for a quick resupply sometime this summer, Mooney plans to head back to New York City – his final destination – shortly thereafter. 

While Mooney has attempted the feat four times previously with unsuccessful results, his odds of completing his goal seem far more likely this time around: his most successful trip ended only 15 days after he left port. With just 1,500 miles more to go, it’s pretty clear he’s kicking the ocean’s ass. We’re rooting for you, Mooney!

Photos by David Lewis / Reuters / Landov