There’s Now A Video Game Controller You Can Have Sex With

What a time to be alive.


Do you love virtual reality games about anime goddesses and fighting monsters? Do you wish you could have sex with those anime goddesses? If you answered yes to both of those questions, you’re in luck, because your weird fantasy is about to come true.

Somewhere out in San Francisco, a startup of three people created an “adult VR game controller” called VirtuaDolls that does exactly what you think it does – gets you off with some interactive animated porn.

Once you put on the virtual reality helmet, you are transported to the magical land of Arcadia, where you kick some monster ass and boink your controller while fooling yourself into thinking you’re having sex with a cartoon. Are you uncomfortable yet? Because I am.

The Fleshlight-esque game controller has pressure sensors that synchronize your thrusts with the game, so that the “goddess” you’re getting intimate with doesn’t bob when you weave, making the imaginary sex seem like the real deal. It’s worth mentioning that the controller can also give you a blowjob using some stellar vacuum technology.

Just look at that blowjob action.

While I may not the biggest fan of having sex with game controllers, some people apparently are, because in 5 days, 36 people coughed up $6,700 for the porn-game. But hey, it’s a video game that can manipulate your junk, so I have to admit, it is a feat of technology. A weird one, but a feat nonetheless.

If rubbing one out to an anime show on Cartoon Network doesn’t quite cut it for you, VirtuaDolls might just be what you’ve been waiting for your entire life. 

h/t: NYMag