Make Your Office Awesome With Chairs Made From Vintage Vespas

Bel & Bel’s scooter-inspired seats are wheely cool.


Photos: Bel & Bel

Barcelona-based design firm Bel & Bel specializes in swiveling scooter chairs made from vintage Vespa parts, and these unique seats are sure to rev up motorbike and design enthusiasts alike. 

The limited-edition scooter chairs are handmade and fabricated in the company’s Spanish studio, with examples adorning the Virgin Hotel in Chicago and the Piaggio Museum in Italy. Here’s a look at some of Bel & Bel’s signature swivelers:

Bel & Bel also makes bar stools out of old Vespa seats.
Here’s a sofa built from a recovered classic car’s back seat.
Pretty cool: The Ovni Coupe 1500 is a working refrigerator.
And finally, a love seat on wheels fit for car-crazy couples.