We Can’t Stop Staring at This Visual History of Lingerie

Watch 100 years of lacy unmentionables in under three minutes.

Sometimes, in this crazy internet of ours, you stumble across videos that make you stop what you’re doing and stare with unflinching focus at your monitor. This is one such video. Mode.com has taken it upon themselves to deliver 100 years of lingerie fashion history, as depicted by a lovely underwear model. Sexyand educational.

But it’s not just titillating—it’s historically accurate. We get a good look at what was considered alluring through the decades, complete with culturally appropriate bra-burning representing the ’60s.  Most importantly, the end of the video makes a nod to all different shapes and sizes of women, underscoring that sexy is in the eye of the beholder. And as long as we’re beholding lingerie, we good.