Watch: The First Manned Flight of the UFO-Like Volocopter

If it can carry a big German man, it can carry you.

It’s taken six years of planning and development, but the rise of the Volocopter has begun. The mostly computer-guided aircraft is the brainchild of e-volo, a German outfit, and it’s akin to a quadcopter-style personal drone — but the Volocopter has proven it can carry one man. e-volo hopes that in the future it will become alternative transportation for a pilot and passengers as well. 

Alexander Zosel, the pilot in the video, said this first true test flight of the craft on March 30 was “a sublime feeling.” Zosel also said the achievement was “definitely unbelievable.”

The Volocopter’s fans are run by electric motors powered by nine batteries. It’s constructed mostly from carbon fiber and strikingly, weighs less than a thousand pounds. 

e-volo’s claims that their giant, manned drone marks the beginning of “a revolution” in transportation have yet to be proven. The Segway was supposed to be revolutionary too, after all. However, given the way it looks in distant camera shots, we do suspect further test flights could mark a real uptick in UFO sightings. 

Jokes aside, hell yes, we’d take a test ride. 

h/t GizMag