This Virtual Reality Sex Suit Is Too Horrifying For Words

The future of sex is here, and it’s a sad, lonely nightmare.

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The single weirdest and most disturbing application of virtual reality to sex has officially arrived.

A Tokyo-based “Adult Concept” company called Tenga has brought this exceedingly strange VR sex suit to the global sex toy market for a hefty $400, and according to Inside Reality, it’s already sold out.   

You might be wondering if the bang-for-buck ratio is reasonable, but there’s actually a shocking amount of thought that went into this thing. Aside from the virtual headset projecting images from a so-called “Sexy Beach” simulation (don’t ask), what appears to be one of Tenga’s award-winning 3D “masturbation sculptures”  is attached to an oscillating lever, leaving your hands free to play with some pretty sad-looking fake breasts while a robotic appendage rustles your jimmies. 

Apparently you don’t even need to put your junk in it for this VR sex suit to work, as evidenced by hilariously sad expression on this guy’s face. 

It feels so good! 

Inside the suit are little sensors and straps that send electrical impulses to the body to create the sensation of another body rubbing up on you, according to Inside Reality.

It looks like quite an experience, but it’s also creepy enough that we’re perfectly content with video-only VR porn for the time being. But just in case you’re sold on this device as the future of self-gratification, we’d just like to point out that you would indeed be attaching what looks like a limbless robotic dog to your penis. 

Still sound like a good time? We thought not.

h/t Esquire