Go Skydiving in Virtual Reality With the U.S. Army's Elite Golden Knights

You can go surfing as well, all from the comfort of your home.
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Ever feel like going on an adventure but the sofa's just a little too cushy to make the effort? Youtube has partnered with USA Today for a project that will ensure you get a sense of real adventure without ponying up for expensive safety gear or risking actual death. 

VRtually There is a weekly series of 360-degree virtual reality videos that the paper says will present "three new VR experiences, from eye-opening thrills to awe-inspiring destinations." 

The first video above starts with leaping out of a plane along with the U.S. Army's elite Golden Knights parachute team. Through the mind-bending fun of VR, a viewer can get a real sense of what it's like to drop a few thousand feet through the open air in the hands of a total pro. 

It's a pretty thrilling experience, as are the other adventures—surfing during the U.S. Open of surfing competition at Huntington Beach, California, and a kayaking trip on the Great Lakes. You'll probably wish for more time with each segment, but even at just over seven minutes, the fully immersive visuals count for a lot. 

Keep an eye out for new videos by following VRtually There's Youtube page.