Warning: Women Are Trying to Decode Your Dumb Texts

And now they have help from the Internet. This won’t end well.

And now they have help from a new website called HeTexted.com. This won’t end well.

Texting, by nature, isn’t the best medium to have a lengthy or serious conversation. Sure, exclamation points can help communicate excitement (or they can kind of make it seem like you’re yelling and angry if you’re in a disagreement about something), and emoticons do help with that aspect (except when they don’t translate to someone else’s old phone), and since men have a reputation of being ‘difficult to read’ anyway, it makes sense that a girl may ask a friend, “Hey, what did he mean by, ‘Cutie, I’m so busy but I would like to see you.’” Does that mean he wants to see her, but can’t? That he’s busy but will see her anyway? Probably that, ’cause he called her cutie, right? But if he didn’t, that would mean he didn’t. And so on.

There is, however, a big difference between that sort of behavior and posting a actual text messages from a guy on HeTexted.com, and asking the world (or one of the site’s designated “bros”) for their opinion–an opinion that can be specifically whittled down to: He’s Into You, He’s Not Into You, and Verdict Is Still Out. Why not, right? The Internet seems like such a reliable spot for advice!

Here are a few recent postings to the site. Feel free to draw your own conclusions.

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