Watch This Bikini-Clad Biologist Swim With a 40-foot Whale Shark

What makes it even more awesome is that her name is Ocean Ramsey.

Ocean Ramsey is much more than some model-beautiful diver tempting fate by playing with graceful giants like the massive whale shark. She’s a marine biologist passionate about sharks, marine research, and conservation in general. 

In the video above, selected by GoPro for an award, Ramsey spins through the blue as the whale shark—a harmless gentle giant, despite that “shark” part of its name—feeds on plankton around her. The effect, combined with gentle music, is oddly calming. 

Ramsey’s Instagram reveals her passion for the ocean creatures she cares about.

She stays close to her work by living on Oahu, according to her bio, and working in the Philippines on projects like documenting various migrating populations of sharks. She clearly loves animals in general, too.

Ramsey even has a line of activewear which she sells to benefit causes related to marine conservation.

Truth be told, Ocean Ramsey’s beauty, obvious intelligence, passion for sea creatures—and her name—have us wondering if she’s too good to be true.

We’re pretty sure this photo of her swimming with sharks in full mermaid get up answers some questions. Now she’ll have to work to convince us this isn’t her true form.

Okay, she’s definitely not a mermaid, after all. 

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