Watch a Russian Set Himself on Fire and Jump off a Building

The craziness of Russian daredevils goes to the next level with this fiery 60-foot plunge into a snowbank.

What is it about Russian kids? On one hand, it’s hard not to give props to this new breed of Slavic daredevil for commiting¬†acts of bravery/lunacy that would, by American standards, be inconceivable in peacetime. On the other hand, these kids are not at war (well, not really), they just enjoy laughing at death in a way that makes a mockery of Western conventions like “action sports.”

Take this guy: Standing atop a nine-story building, he douses his trousers in something like gasoline, ignites them with a torch, and then plunges merrily into a snowbank 90 feet below. And he walks away a victor. What did he win? That snowbank. Na zdrovie!

And an alternate view of the insanity:

Photos by ViralHog