Watch This Insane Skyboarder Fly Through a Thunderstorm

This is the most amazing-looking thing we never want to do.

We don’t know “sky surfer” Sean MacCormac personally but we’re going to guess he is crazy as hell. But it’s the fun kind of crazy. 

MacCormac is a Red Bull Air Force athlete and his specialty is strapping a modified snowboard to his feet, a parachute on his back, and jumping out of planes. That’s daring enough. In the video above, MacCormac decided the regular adrenaline rush of surfing across the sky was a little too weak and elected to juice things up big time by leaping from a plane during a powerful Florida thunderstorm. 

As noted in a post on Red Bull’s site, MacCormac is no novice at this kind of thing. He’s a veteran of more than 20,000 jumps. As for slipping into the angry embrace of a thunderstorm, Red Bull’s post said that represented “a rare opportunity for his team of ‘people who had the balls to just go for it.'”  

MacCormac did seem aware of the real danger in what he was doing. “You are jumping into it with the full understanding that you are going through a mine field that could pop off somewhere,” he said. 

MacCormac made it through this mine field in style, and we’ve got this thrilling video to prove it. 

He does make it look fun, too, but for now we’ll leave that sort of thing to guys like him and Thor