Float On With The Super-Stylish Houseboat of the Future

Not only does it look sharp, this solar-powered, eco-savvy stunner is totally self-sufficient.

When sea levels inexorably rise, expect high-flyers to beat the high tide in super luxe sustainable house boats such as these.

Waterlovt, a boat maker out of the Netherlands, has introduced a line of plush new floating homes that are eco-friendly to boot. 

The smallest of the four options, the Waterlovt 90, offers 295 square feet of shelter and one deck, two bedrooms, and a basement.

The largest of the fleet, the Waterlovt 240, offers 800 square feet of shelter and two decks, four bedrooms, and two floors.

But their most impressive feature is their sheer sustainability. All work off solar power, run on lake or seawater (desalination units can be installed), and have their own sewage treatment systems. 

So, if some biblical deluge ever hits, you won't have to sacrifice the comforts of luxe living.

h/t HiConsumption