We Cannot Wait for This Floating Catamaran Hotel to Exist

Lakeside lounging is about to get a classy upgrade.

Designed to deliver the maximum visual experience while minimizing impact on the surrounding ecosystem, the newest project from Salt & Water is an incredible triumph of ocean-bound architectural innovation.

Conceived as an alternative to typical, resource-guzzling resorts, this floating catamaran hotel offers an answer to tourism without the damages of building permanent structures. The concept, while not yet under construction, has already received critical acclaim as the winner of the Millennium Yacht Design Awards.

While the main hotel boat will feature a dock, restaurant, recreation space, and more, the additional catamaran apartment units will each accommodate 2-4 people, with a bathroom, galley, and deck. The unique shape of these catamarans doesn’t lend itself to breakneck speeds on the open water, but the large windows in the back offer unparalleled views of your surroundings.

Hopefully, some savvy hotelier will snap up the plans for this project and make our lakeside relaxation a reality sometime soon.

Photos by Salt & Water