We Should All Probably Quit Our Jobs and Live in Tiny Trailers

So. When do we move in?

It’s summer. Who wants to be staring at a retina-scarring monitor under painfully artificial florescent lighting typing away the better years of their youth? Cool, me neither. Especially when the alternative is throwing caution to the wind and going off the grid in some of the most high-end tiny homes money can buy.

The Escape Traveler could very well be your getaway vehicle. It comes in both standard and XL sizes, ranging from 269 sq/ft to 344 sq/ft, with a whole host of home-away-from-home comforts.

Admit it, the kitchen in this trailer is nicer than your kitchen at home.

And the coziness factor is off the charts. Starting at just $65,400, you too can make the dream of off-the-grid living a reality.