Weed, Chainsaws, and Tractor Fights: The UN’s Insane Disciplinary Report

UN employees apparently like to live right on the edge.

The United Nations—that revered body founded to encourage cooperation among all nations—has employee issues just like any other large organization. But perhaps due to the UN’s worldwide reach, their problems are nothing like your usual HR issues; UN employees keep it very real and according to the UN’s own report, crazy as hell. Almost 400 lbs. of weed, child porn downloading, chainsaw-wielding crazy.

As noted by Vice News, the UN’s report enumerates actions by some of the unnamed employees—among the 41,000 employed around the world—that range from the merely strange to the downright sick:

Perhaps most alarmingly, four UN employees were dismissed for receiving, storing, and disseminating pornographic images of minors on their official computers and over UN networks. It was unclear if their home countries had filed any charges against the four unnamed individuals. A fifth staff member who stored adult pornographic material on a UN computer was demoted and blocked from being promoted for a period of two years.

The nearly 400-pound load of weed mentioned in the report was transported in an “official” UN vehicle. That staffer was let go. The UN employee who tried to carry a chainsaw on a flight—the report indicates it was done as a favor to another staffer—was separated from service, “with compensation.” 

Vice News pointed out the report’s mention of a UN staffer who “drove a tractor into the office of a coworker” with violent intent. We wondered if that employee was in the same region as the one whom the report said “assaulted another staff member with a pool cue” or the other staff member who went after a colleague with a knife. 

If a job with the United Nations seems attractive for idealistic reasons, it looks like the UN’s own report demonstrates there could be some crazy fun stuff going on under the organization’s umbrella for everyone, including thrill-seekers and criminals. 

Photos by MusikAnimal / Wikimedia