What a Beautiful Girl Wants: Jessica Parker Kennedy

Do you have what it takes?

(Photo: Ted Emmons)

Canadian actress Jessica Parker Kennedy is leaving no stone unturned in Hollywood. She’s appeared in films like 50/50 and even had a recurring gig on the CW’s 90210 remake. Before she graces our screens again on Season 3 of Black Sails, we caught up with the brunette beauty for some much-needed sex and dating advice. Below, learn how to keep up with this rising starlet:

How can a man catch your eye?
I’m usually attracted to more interesting types of men. I have no desire to be with a cookie-cutter Ken doll.

So, we don’t need to have a perfect body?
I like when a man has a positive self-image, no matter what he looks like. I’m not into rock-hard abs.

Won’t be a problem. What else turns you on?
I love when a man doesn’t take himself too seriously. He has to have a sense of humor.

What turns you off?
An ego. I can’t stand pompous men.

What is your ideal date?
Staying in, watching a good movie, and eating lots of food sounds perfect to me. I’m so boring.

That doesn’t sound boring to us. When do you feel sexiest?
When I’m at my most casual. I like throwing on shorts and a plaid button up with messy hair and last night’s eyeliner and sunglasses and wandering the town. And if there’s a guy I dig with his arm around me too, that’s pretty nice.

How do you let a man know you want to take things further?
I hope that’s something I never have to let a man know…

Touché. Is there such a thing as too much foreplay?
Of course not! If you don’t know women need a lot of foreplay then you’re in trouble.

Good to know. Lastly, any key advice for men in the bedroom?
Confidence is really quite important.

See more of Jessica on Season 3 of Black Sails, which premiers on STARZ January 23.