What a Beautiful Girl Wants: Simona Fusco

Yup, money matters.


Teeming with attractive go getters, the Los Angeles dating scene can seem particularly cutthroat. Luckily, Italian-born model turned matchmaker Simona Fusco has an eye for chemistry, which she’s used to establish one of the city’s most elite dating services, Perfect 12. Seeing that Fusco regularly hooks up some of the most eligible singles in the dating pool, we had to reach out for her sex and dating expertise. Warning: she does not hold back.

How should a man approach a woman?
Without fear of rejection, a man’s worst enemy.

What do you personally look for?
His eyes, demeanor, and confidence—not to be confused with cockiness.

Got it. What is the perfect date?
I speak for most girls when I say that we enjoy a first date that is unique and creative—something they put effort into rather than just meeting for drinks or coffee. First impressions are very important.

Any other tips on nailing that first impression?
Send flowers after the date and tell her you had a great time.

Good call. Any tips for men in the bedroom?
Girls love fellatio. Don’t be shy!

We won’t. Is there such a thing as too much foreplay?
Never. More is better.

Why should men consider a dating service like Perfect 12?
My clients use my service because they’re not the type to go to bars and nightclubs or use online dating services. They’re busy with their careers, and some of my celebrity clients cannot be seen in those types of places. Also, my clients are looking for quality, which you simply can’t find at a bar or nightclub much less online.

And how do you select the girls?
We conduct thorough background checks on everyone that applies. Once approved, we recruit based on the specifications provided by a client. Once he decides to date a specific girl exclusively, he can put his membership on hold.

Lastly, your service caters to an elite clientele. So, we gotta ask: does money matter?
Money is important because it shows ambition, drive, and wanting to be a provider and have a family unit. Being a drifter that goes from job to job isn’t stable. Women want stability. 

When you finally make your fortune, be sure to check out Perfect 12’s website for a consultation.