What a Beautiful Girl Wants: Abigail Ratchford

Find out why this model doesn’t want you to hold back in bed.

Green-eyed pinup Abigail Ratchford doesn’t need an ass-kisser. 

How can a man catch your eye?

A man catches my eye when he’s sure of himself but not cocky. A sense of humor will always win me over, and someone who looks at me like I’m the only one in the room.

What about a man turns you on?

I love manly men, like Vince Vaughn or Leonardo DiCaprio. I don’t like guys who are too groomed or have perfectly chiseled abs.

Good news for us. How can a man turn you off?

Guys who are arrogant, brag, and try to impress me by name-dropping constantly turn me off. Also, guys who smoke cigarettes.

Got it. What is your ideal date?

A good dinner and an awesome concert with one of my favorite acts.

When do you feel sexiest?

When I’m in a guy’s dress shirt. Tousled hair; natural sex appeal!

Is there such a thing as too much foreplay?

I don’t think you can really eyeball how much foreplay is right. You just go with what feels natural and sexy in the moment.

Do you like to dominate in the bedroom?

Sometimes I do, but I’m used to guys always kissing my butt, so I like being put in my place now and then.

Any secret fantasies?

Nothing I haven’t already lived out…

Lastly, any last advice for men in the bedroom?

No need to rush to the main event. Also, kissing on a girl’s ear will always get you points.