What a Beautiful Girl Wants: Alysha Nett

This tattooed vixen tells all.

Model Alysha Nett demands your full attention. 

How can a man catch your eye?

Having confidence without an ego and being polite with manners.

What about a man turns you on?

His scent, his cologne, his five o’clock shadow.

How can a man turn you off?

If his only concern is himself.

What is your ideal date?

I love activities. Take me to a museum, to batting cages, or to go-karts. Something fun!

We can dig it. When do you feel sexiest?

Right after I’ve gotten ready for a night out.

Is there such a thing as too much foreplay?

For women, definitely not.

Do you ever like to dominate in the bedroom?

Not particularly, but if duty calls then it can be fun!

Good to know. Any secret fantasies?

I’ve always wanted to do it on a beach at night somewhere.

So have we. Any last advice for men in the bedroom?

Her first. Then you.

Photos by Mat Abad (@badboi)