What a Beautiful Girl Wants: Andrea C

Find out what gets this brunette bombshell going in the bedroom.


Although Andrea C hails from Serbia, she’s found a home in Toronto’s modeling scene. After earning a degree in political science, the brainy bombshell competed in Miss Universe Canada, where she finished in the top 20. Now, she’s focused on her modeling career, which has taken her all over the world — to New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Beijing, Shanghai, and even Bangkok.

Maxim recently caught up with the jet-setting brunette to find out what she looks for in a man and what gets her going in the bedroom. Listen up:

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What’s the best way for a man to catch your attention?
Be confident and funny! You know what they say: If a man can make you laugh, he can make you do anything.

Got it. What else turns you on?
Nice smile and eyes. I also always look at a man’s hands and shoulders. Hands are a big one for me.

What about personality-wise?
Alpha males are always the type of men I’m attracted to — men who are ambitious and motivated like myself. And intelligence. I will always choose a man who can teach me something over one who can’t.

What turns you off?
Bad breath, poor hygiene, and dirty shoes. I’m a clean freak, so no matter what he looks like, if he’s not well groomed, it’s a turn off.

What is your ideal date?
Good conversation at a nice restaurant. I’m a foodie, and I love to laugh, so I guess you can say the way to my heart it through my stomach.

What should a man never do on a date?
Never let a woman pay. I’m always prepared to pay for a date, and I always offer to pay as I think every woman should, but a real man would never let a woman pay.

Got it. When do you feel sexiest?
When I get my nails and hair done or fresh out the shower is when I feel sexiest. Also, when I can be totally myself around someone, that makes me comfortable to also be sexy for him.

Is there such a thing as too much foreplay?
No. Never.

Do you have any secret fantasies?
I love being spontaneous and trying new things, so I’ve got too many that I can’t list. I love getting to travel and being on a beach, and I saw this underwater hotel in the Maldives that I would love to spend a night in with my guy.

Sounds good to us. Any last advice for men in the bedroom?
Be confident. Listen to her guidance but definitely take control. Women love to be dominated even if they will never say it, so take charge. And always try new things. 

Check out more of Andrea C on her website. For more stunners, check out Femme Fatale Media.