What a Beautiful Girl Wants: Arianny Celeste

Find out why this UFC ring girl can’t resist an alpha male.

Bombshell brunette and UFC ring master Arianny Celeste doesn’t have time for omegas.

How should a man approach you?

Be polite. I don’t like when guys are aggressive right off the bat.

Got it. What else turns you off?

A guy who talks about money. Usually men who are established don’t feel the need to talk about money.

What do you mean by “established”?

Success is being happy. If you can find something you love and make a living out of it, that’s success.

How else can a guy blow his chances?

By asking me to pay half. I’m old fashioned and expect a man to pay first.

When do you feel sexiest?

When I’m naked and in no makeup. I think true beauty shines when you’re bare.

We agree. What can a man do to make you feel sexy?

Adore me like a queen but take over like a dominant king.

A king, you say?

A man who takes charge deserves to be called a king. I don’t like pussy boys. I like strong alpha men.

What should a man absolutely never do in the bedroom?

Put pressure on us to orgasm. It’s all mental for us. We have to be relaxed!

Lastly, are there any sexy fantasies you’ve yet to fulfill?

Skinny dipping in the Maldives!

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Photos by Mat Abad