What a Beautiful Girl Wants: Carly Lauren

Meet a model with some pretty lofty travel goals: to have sex in every country on Earth. 

All-American smokeshow Carly Lauren has a serious case of wanderlust.

What kinds of guys turn you on?

Tall, dark, and handsome tends to catch my eye.

Tell us more.

A man that carries himself with confidence and ease can grab the attention of anyone in a room, and I find that so sexy.

How should a man approach you?

Be nice, polite, and introduce yourself. Cheesy pickup lines and cockiness are not attractive.

What’s the worst way a man has approached you?

Drunk. I can’t stand meeting guys who can’t even see straight or are stumbling their words. Bad first impression.

What’s a good spot for a first date?

Take me somewhere to do something I’ve never done or seen before. I love adventure.

So do we. When do you feel sexiest?

At home naked — in my element.

We love your element. How can a man set the mood?

Light some candles. Be romantic. Men can forget to take time to make a woman feel special and wanted.

How else can a man make you feel sexy?

With subtle compliments. Make me feel like the only girl you notice.

That shouldn’t be hard. What should a man never do in the bedroom?

If you’re going to try something you read about or saw online, check with your girl first. Some surprises aren’t good ones.

Do you have any sex fantasies?

To have sex in every country in the world. Travelling is incredible, and I love to immerse myself in different cultures.

Immerse, you say? Lastly, what the craziest thing you’ve tried in the bedroom?

I would tell you, but it would break the Internet.

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Photos by Nick Suarez