What A Beautiful Girl Wants: Dessie Mitcheson

Find out why this small-town beauty has an appetite for oysters.

Model Dessie Mitcheson talks big-city guys, manscaping and why oysters are the ultimate aphrodisiac.

You’re originally from Western Pennsylvania. What do small-town guys have going for them that big-city guys don’t?

Small-town guys usually have great souls. I love that they have family values and are humble.

Do city guys get any love?

City guys think big and don’t settle. I love how driven they are.

You’ve worked in the beauty industry. Do you appreciate a man with a sense of style?

Of course I like a man with style! Who doesn’t appreciate a well-dressed man? Style could mean anything. As long as the man looks good and can pull his style off—casual or dressed in a suit.

We’re working on it. Any thoughts on manscaping?

I like a little hair on a man. If he had less hair on his body than me, we have a problem.

Won’t be a problem. How can a man catch your attention?

A man catches my attention with his smile and ability to be himself.

Once a guy has caught your attention, how do you let him know that you’re interested?

I would let him know I was interested by starting a conversation with him and seeing how it goes from there.

So, you make the first move? Or should the guy always take care of that?

I like when the man takes charge for sure.

Describe your ideal date.

My ideal date is to go to an amusement park to ride and eat everything!

Are there any particular foods that put you in the mood? 

Wine is always good. Champagne and oysters are even better.

So, the theory about oysters is true…what’s your favorite thing to do in the bedroom?

My favorite thing to do in bed is sleep. My bed is really nice!

You certainly know how to keep us guessing…lastly, when do you feel sexiest?

I feel sexiest when I’m doing something I love—shooting, filming or just relaxing on the beach.

Photos by Photographed by Chris Nunez