What a Beautiful Girl Wants: Emily Lyons

Find out how this model and entrepreneur gets down to business.


Beautiful blonde Emily Lyons is not one to rest on her laurels. After climbing the ranks of the Toronto modeling scene, she decided to use her Rolodex of connections for bigger things. In 2009, she founded Femme Fatale Media, an award-winning model-staffing agency. She’s hooked up lavish soirées for the likes of Snoop Dogg, Chris Rock, Ducati, and Juicy Couture.

With an unmatched eye for both beauty and brains, it was only a matter of time before people were begging for her to set them up. In 2014, she founded the millionaire matchmaking service Lyons Elite. The service already counts distinguished clients from all over the globe and a roster of stunning and single models to boot.

Maxim recently caught up with the model/entrepreneur extraordinaire for some expert dating and sex advice. Listen up:

Why should men consider using a dating service?
Everything is being outsourced in this day and age. If you want something done and you want something done right, you hire a professional, especially if you’re a successful man who understands the value of time. Your love life should be no different.

Your service caters to an elite clientele. Do money and status matter?
It’s not that money and status matter per se for our clients. It’s more their mindset and drive that’s important.

What kind of women can guys expect to meet in your service?
A lot of women on our roster are former models that are now professionals such as lawyers, doctors, and teachers. Relationships should be equal if they are to thrive in the long run. No one wants to feel taken advantage of. You need to have similar financial and life priorities.

So, what catches your eye?
A toned body, tattoos, and a great smile that he can flash with ease. That’s the physical stuff. Confidence in a man definitely catches my eye, too.

Is dressing well important?
Oh my! There are so many reasons why dressing well is important for a guy. Dressing sharply is often enough to attract second glances from women wherever you go and also signal to us that you’ve got your act together. You’re going somewhere in life, and you know it. Or you’re already there!

How about staying fit?
Being physically fit is pretty important too, because it says that you have self-discipline to take care of your health and body. This is all very attractive to women.

How should a guy approach you?
A man shouldn’t be fake when he approaches a woman. Instead of dropping a corny pick-up line or staring at me without making a move, his best strategy would be to just confidently walk up and talk to me–about anything, seriously, as long as it’s something real instead of scripted. It’s always nice when a man is confident to his core and knows what he wants.

What’s the ideal date? A luxurious dinner?
Dinner is so forced and ultimately nerve-racking–staring at each other and having to keep the conversation constantly going. We find our clients have the most success on a first date when it is something unconventional, like a basketball game.

How long should a gentleman wait before asking to sleep together?
It’s not necessarily something that should be asked but that should just mutually take place. I hate when things are planned out. It takes the romance and za za zoo out of it. It is good to discuss boundaries ahead of time.

Good advice. What should a man never in the bedroom?
Baby talk!

Lame. Lastly, what is your favorite thing to do in the bedroom?
A lady never kisses and tells.

When you finally make your fortune, be sure to consider Lyons Elite or Femme Fatale Media for your next party.