What a Beautiful Girl Wants: Isabel Lahela

This female weightlifter wants to whip you into shape.


Don’t be fooled by her blue eyes and charming smile; Isabel Lahela is a force. Trained as a dancer, the beautiful brunette later discovered her strong suit in the weight room. She’s a 53kg Olympic weightlifter and champions the benefits of weight training on social media.

Based on her sultry Instagram snaps, she makes a strong case.

Maxim recently caught up with the lethal looker to see if she could whip us into shape. She told us what she looks for in a man, when is the best time to approach her, and whether or not she likes to dominate in the bedroom. Listen up:

Are men ever intimidated by you?
I’ve encountered some men who are intimidated by the fact that I lift and other who admire it. To each his own.

What misconceptions do men have about female weightlifters?
A lot of people seem to have negative opinions and say we are too “bulky” or not feminine enough. There are so many types of female weightlifters, and we all have bomb personalities so don’t judge!

We’d never. What kind of guys do you like?
I like nice guys–someone with a good personality who is confident but not cocky.

Do they need to lift too?
Since lifting is such a large part of my everyday life, it is important for me to be with someone who shares similar interests and cares for his body.

What workouts make a guy seem sexy?
Seeing a guy in the gym snatch or clean and jerk is definitely impressive and intriguing. I also love gymnastics and have so much respect for male gymnasts.

We’re working on it. Can guys ever approach you at the gym?
Definitely not! I am in the zone at the gym and trying to focus on my workout.

Got it. When you’re not in the zone, when should a guy approach you?
In some sort of social setting–at a coffee shop or bar, for example.

What is your ideal date?
I’ve very active and adventurous, so anything outdoorsy is ideal. You can’t really go wrong with good conversation and good food though.

What’s your favorite thing for a man to do in the bedroom?
Bring me food. Have I mentioned I like food?

You know how to keep us guessing. What should a man never do in the bedroom?
Wear socks with no pants!

The worst. Lastly, do you like to dominate in the bedroom?
I like to dominate in every room!

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