What A Beautiful Girl Wants: Jaimie Sullivan

The California-based model has a thing or two to say about sex, so we’re all ears. And eyes.

Professional model and former MaximInstagram Girl of the Week Jaimie Sullivan prefers a hands-on approach.

What about a man turns you on the most?

I love when a guy is good at being affectionate with his hands, especially in public. It’s all about sexy subtle touches. For example, grabbing or rubbing my inner-thigh while sitting a table with friends. It’s flirty, sexy and confident – and it makes me want him that much more at the end of the night.

What are the advantages of a one night stand?

I am a strong believer that there’s no shame in a one night stand. Everyone loves sex, and everyone needs it, whether they’ll admit it or not. One night stands are usually the result of a little too much fun – and by “fun,” I mean alcohol – so usually the shyness level is down and both of you are open to being a bit more wild, which can sometimes lead to some mind-blowing sex. You’re never going to see him again, so go ahead and try that move you’ve been curious about!

Have you ever tried BDSM?

I’ve never done full BDSM, but I do like the idea of my man being in control and me being submissive to him. Sexually, I’m pretty open to try anything at least once. Maybe there’s some latex in my future [laughs].

Does the idea of public sex appeal to you?

Um, yes. I love it. It’s exciting and a total turn on to have hot, sneaky sex and having to try to stay quiet so you won’t get caught.

Is there such thing as too much foreplay?

I love the idea of teasing and when a guy is making me want it so bad. But at some point you want to have sex. Foreplay is awesome, of course, but after a bit it’s time to really start the fun.