What A Beautiful Girl Wants: Janira Kremets

What’s this model’s favorite body part?

Model Janira Kremets cuts to the chase. 

How have you been enjoying your summer?

Going to the beach and chilling poolside with the girls.

Hope there’s room for us. What about the summertime makes you feel sexy?

Let’s be honest here: I get to wear less clothing.

Hey, honesty is the best policy. Where do you usually go to meet men?

It would definitely be at Starbucks or a nice brunch place. That way I can get to know him without any interruptions.

How can a man manage to catch your attention?

Charisma! Charisma! Charisma! But most importantly, morals and education. Intelligence goes a long way with me.

Once a man has actually caught your attention, how do you let him know you’re interested?

I’ll show interest by making suggestions for casual activities we can do together. I think I’m pretty obvious.

What’s your ideal date?

Having a trivia night. Most quiz nights cover a range of topics, so that gives me a sense of my date’s interests and humor.

What kinds of clothes make a man look sexiest?

Well this is simple… a nice tailored suit!

You’re a sports enthusiast. What about athletes is sexy to you?

The booty! Girls, I know you all can agree…

Lastly, what’s the worst thing a man can do in the bedroom?

Not reciprocate. That seems to be a problem in most cases.