What a Beautiful Girl Wants: Jocelyn Chew

The NYC-based model likes a guy with confidence. And without clothes.

Professional model Jocelyn Chew would rather you get straight to the point. 

How can a man get your attention?

I don’t think I come off as very approachable and I’m not usually looking for attention from guys so it’s hard to get my attention in the first place. But maybe if he’s funny, that might make me want to talk to him and get to know him better.

Are we talking pick up lines?

I definitely don’t go for pick up lines. They’re way too cheesy for me. My favorite type of humor is sarcastic or dry. I grew up with brothers so I have more of a guy’s sense of humor.

If a guy does manage to get your attention, how do you let him know you’re interested?

I would hope that he would’ve been direct and asked for my number and then I would give it to him. And that’s a clear sign. I’m pretty blunt so if I wasn’t interested, I would just say no.

What’s your ideal date?

Hmm. Well some nights, I’m into something plain like a dinner and a movie if I’m tired from work or traveling a lot. But other times, maybe something that’s a surprise.  I love adventure and extreme sports so bringing me somewhere to go rock climbing or kite surfing or skydiving would be perfect.

What about a man turns you on the most?

Confidence, for sure, is a major turn on for me. If a guy has confidence, he carries himself different than a guy who’s shy and timid and not sure about himself. If you’re not sure about yourself, nobody else is going to sure about you either.

When do you feel the most sexy?

Probably when I’m naked. Which, when I’m home, is like 90% of the time.

What’s your favorite thing to do in the bedroom?

One of my favorite things is buying sexy lingerie and being dressed up and surprising my guy when he comes home. That never goes wrong.

Any sexy fantasies?

I think having sex on a beach sounds really romantic – as long as I know that I’m not going to get caught. I think that would be fun and adventurous, so I can see the excitement in that.