What a Beautiful Girl Wants: Jorie Mae Stanton

Find out how to rev this Pirelli model’s engine.


Model Jorie Mae Stanton lives in the fast lane. With her day job as a spokesmodel for the Pirelli World Challenge, the blonde beauty is no stranger to cool cars and hard living. Perhaps those Instagram snaps of her in her workwear, a slinky catsuit, explain her ardent following of over 7,000.

Maxim recently caught up with Jorie to find out what she looks for in a man and what revs her engine. Listen up:

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What’s the best way to catch your attention?
A man that can command a room without being too loud and showy always catches my attention. Quiet confidence is eye-catching to me.

What do you look for?
Tall, dark, and handsome usually does the trick.

How about personality-wise?
I like men that are easygoing, very spontaneous, and fun.

What turns you off?
Short men have never been for me, nor have men that don’t dress well.

Got it. What else?
Arrogance and lack of manners

The worst. What is your ideal date?
I love to be taken somewhere exciting–maybe paintball or go-karting, always followed by a great dinner.

What should a man never do on a date?
He needs to stay off his phone. I put mine away, and I expect the same in return.

We’d never. When do you feel sexiest?
I feel sexiest after a good workout or in a tight outfit.

Is there such a thing as too much foreplay?
Never. No such thing.

Noted. Any secret fantasies?
Something involving a beach at nighttime

Sounds good to us. Any final advice for men in the bedroom?
Have confidence! You might do it wrong but having confidence at least lets you try it. I don’t want to have to teach anyone. 

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