What A Beautiful Girl Wants: Kayla Fitzgerald

Learn how to catch the eye of Florida’s finest.

For Florida-based model Kayla Fitzgerald, confidence is key.

What about the summertime makes you feel sexy?

I think summer makes me feel sexy because I love being outside and in a bikini. There’s just something about the vibes of summer that makes me happy, and happy girls are always the sexiest!

How do you usually meet guys?

It’s usually a guy who I’ve known for years. When you’re friends with someone first you get to know them and their characteristics, which builds trust. I think being friends first is key for a successful relationship.

How can a man manage to catch your attention?

I love a man with a sense of humor so that always catches my attention. But right off the bat, I would have to say eye contact and confidence.

Once a man has actually caught your attention, how do you let him know you’re interested?

When a man has caught my attention and I am interested, I have no problem showing that and being forward. I like to spark up a conversation, buy him a drink, flirt a lot and see where it goes from there.

Sounds like you make the first move…

Sometimes I will, but I definitely prefer for a man to make the first move. It makes the girl feel wanted.

You’re a sports fanatic. What about athletes is sexy to you?

Athletes and men who take care of their body tend to have more drive and motivation. As a woman looking for a man, those are two traits that are extremely sexy.  

Is it important for a man to have a “beach body”?

I don’t think men have to have perfect bodies or be completely shredded, but it is important for a man to be in shape.

When does a man look sexiest to you?

I don’t know what it is, but for some reason I absolutely love when a man is wearing sweatpants and a hoodie. Maybe it’s the whole Magic Mike vibe, but it gets me every time.

So, you like a show? That might require some confidence on the guy’s part…

Women like to feel desired and wanted, and from my experiences, confident men tend to make us feel that way compared to a shy man.