What a Beautiful Girl Wants: Kyla Grandy

This stunner goes with the flow.


Kyla Grandy is making waves on Instagram. The California-raised stunner is 40k followers strong and repped by Ford Models in Los Angeles. Her rock-hard body, arresting green eyes, and sultry beachside shots (see above) always leave us wanting more.

Maxim recently caught up with Kyla to find out what she looks for in a man, what turns her on, and what to never do on a first date. Read it and weep:

What catches your eye?
A confident man always catches my attention.

Anything else?
As far as physical traits go, I’m super into strong jawlines. Oh, and V-lines too.

So you like abs… What about personality traits?
I love a guy who can make me laugh and who is witty and charming.

Any major turn offs?
I’m not really into long hair on guys or man buns.

The worst. What’s your ideal date?
It would be really nice if it were already planned so that I didn’t have to help choose where to go or what to do. I love surprises–something that I have to get dressed up for, and of course dinner!

Sounds good to us. What should a man never do on a date?
A man should never pull out his phone on a date unless it’s an emergency. That’s the biggest pet peeve of mine.

We’d never. When do you feel sexiest?
After I’ve had a really good workout and I’ve gotten all showered up and ready for the day. I feel like that’s when I always look the best, and my body is on point!

It definitely is. Is there such a thing as too much foreplay?
I think it depends on the way that the two people connect. Sometimes it’s too much, and sometimes it’s not.

We can go with the flow. Lastly, any secret fantasies?
Of course. But secrets are secrets…

For more of Kyla Grandy, check out her Instagram or portfolio with Ford Models. For more knockouts, check out Femme Fatale Media.