What a Beautiful Woman Wants: Leanna Decker

What’s this redheaded stunner’s ultimate sex fantasy?

Step into this Kentucky gal’s “chamber of fantasy.”

What can we all learn from Southern men?

I love how Southern men have that special charm and manners. I’m an old soul, and chivalry will never die.

What’s a good pickup line you’ve heard?

“You’re a ginger. Can I be one of your captured souls?”

Interesting… What’s a bad one you’ve heard?

“Do your legs hurt, because you’ve been running around my head all day?” Come on! That one’s been around for centuries. Be creative!

Got it. What turns you on in a guy?

It’s all in the eyes.

Are there any deal breakers?

Shoes are important. If a man doesn’t take care of his shoes, then he doesn’t take care of his home.

Nice comparison. When do you feel sexiest?

When I first get out of the shower. Wet hair; don’t care.

Neither do we. What if a guy is interesting in hooking up?

Take me on a nice date, and if sparks fly… BOOM! Don’t just say, “I’m interested in hooking up.” Step up your game!

Lesson learned. What’s your favorite thing for a man to do in the bedroom?

Light some candles to set the mood.

Lastly, what’s your ultimate sex fantasy?

To be locked in our own “chamber of fantasy” for a week-long sex-a-thon.

Photos by Gea