What a Beautiful Girl Wants: Molly Morrison

This sultry blonde tells us how to be a real man.

Model Molly Morrison likes a hands-on approach.

How can a man catch your eye?

A man being confident is a must for me. Making eye contact, little compliments, and stimulating conversation are all things that have to happen right off the bat.

How can a man turn you on?

I love a man to be a man! I like him to be able to help me with things if needed and know how to be handy in ways I’m not. I’m not into manscaping, grooming, or using a lot of product.

What else turns you off?

Being too aggressive or invasive, especially too early. Give a girl some time. Ease into things. That screams confidence and makes a girl feel comfortable.

Got it. What’s your ideal date?

Going for a delicious dinner is always good. Anything that leads to a lot of interaction between us, whether physical or mental. Save a movie until the third date or so.

Will do. When do you feel sexiest?

In my man’s tee shirt and his bed…

Nice. Is there such a thing as too much foreplay?

Oh yes! The amount of time with physical foreplay is not the most important part; it is more about how I feel about the guy.

Any sex advice for men?

Please limit the amount of technological communication. Little to NO stupid dick pics!

Noted. Lastly, any secret fantasies?

Nothing I haven’t already experienced…

Photos by Jose Luis