What a Beautiful Girl Wants: Monica Alvarez

The New York-based model likes the strong, nerdy type.

Model and bartender Monica Alvarez is a smokeshow with an adventurous side. 

How can a guy get your attention?

Probably just look at me and make eye contact, even with a little smile. That always gets my attention. You don’t really have to say anything. It’s all in the eyes.

What about a man turns you on?

Lips and a good soft passionate kisser. If they kiss on my neck or by my ear, oh my god, I’m in heaven.

What is the perfect date?

I love food, so just a nice dinner with drinks is always amazing. Or something different, like taking me to a wine tasting or an amusement park. Actually, I’d be so excited if a guy took me to Six Flags on a first date.

What is the most spontaneous thing you have ever done in the bedroom?

Let’s just say we left the bedroom and went into the hallway of my apartment building. Sorry neighbors…

When do you feel the most sexy?

In the mornings with my messy hair and no makeup.

Do you have any secret fantasies ?

Well, of course, but don’t we all? I’ll keep that one to myself.

What type of guys are you into?

I love shy guys, tattoos—and if they’re super smart and nerdy, that’s a plus. I love nerds.

What are the advantages of a one-night stand?

I actually never had a one-night stand, believe it or not. The one time I thought I finally had one it ended up being a long-term relationship. But I don’t see how there would be an advantage of having one at all! It’s a  super turn off if a guy thinks he’s going to get it the first night. No thanks.