What a Beautiful Girl Wants: Samaria Regalado

This model/actress opens up about what guys should never say during sex.

(Photo: Douglas Robert)

Gorgeous L.A.-based stunner Samaria Regalado is on the rise. Originally from small-town Georgia, the model/actress has since made the big move to Hollywood, where she’s shot a national commercial for Herbal Essences, secured a cosmetics campaign with Sephora, and appeared in multiple music videos.

Maxim recently caught up with Regalado to find out what catches her attention, how to crush that first date, and what to never say to her in the bedroom.

How is the L.A. dating scene treating you?
Dating in general has become very tricky. There are so many beautiful people, and with social media it’s almost too easy to find them. I feel like the good old fashioned days of meeting someone and getting to know them as friends first would make for a better dating scene.

What catches your eye?
A nice, physically fit guy that isn’t full of himself.

As an actress, are you more into artsy, creative guys?
Artistic and creative are great, but there is also something very sexy about an intelligent, logical, hard-working man.

You’re originally from Georgia. Is there anything we can stand to learn from Southern guys?
Southern guys know how to “just hang out.” Of course, it’s fun to get dressed up and go to new places, but it’s just as much fun to chill out, play a game of basketball, or watch a movie. Just not all the time…

What’s your ideal date?
I’m not a very high-maintenance kind of girl, so my ideal date would be very low-key. I would start with breakfast at The Griddle, maybe drive down the beach, stop for a little swim, and then end the evening kicking back, enjoying a movie.

What’s your ultimate turnoff?
Overconfidence. I like a confident man, but if you’re truly confident, it should speak for itself. A man who thinks he has to constantly prove himself comes across as arrogant, and I just can’t deal with that.

Should a man always make the first move?
Not always. It’s much more exciting for me to make the first move!

When do you feel sexiest?
In jeans and a T-shirt.

Is there such a thing as too much foreplay?
Absolutely. There are limits to everything!

What should a man never do in the bedroom?
Scream out someone else’s name.

Sound advice. Lastly, what’s your favorite thing to do in the bedroom?
I have a thing for rearranging furniture. Let’s just leave it at that! 

For more of the sultry Samaria, check her out on Instagram or on her website.