What a Beautiful Girl Wants: Samii Ryan

This tattooed vixen gives us the lowdown on sex toys.

Model, jeweler, and sex blogger Samii Ryan likes to try out new toys. And not the kind in your Happy Meal…

Does your badass look ever intimidate men?

Of course! I find it hard for men to be comfortable with a sexy, strong, independent female because they always want to have the power.

How should a guy approach you?

The first thing not to do is tell me that I intimidate you. Be straightforward, straighten your back, and approach me with a conversation starter. Don’t just walk up to me and say, “Damn girl! You’re hot!”

What catches your attention?

A man who has it together – a man who has a career and is successful, driven, and passionate.

Once a man has caught your attention, how do you let him know that you’re interested?

By being super flirty. I will bat my eyes, play with my hair, and make jokes. If I am really, really interested, I just might compliment them on something. Guys need the ego juice too.

What if he wants to shoot you a sext?

Do not start sexting a girl too early after you meet her. There is something really degrading about meeting a cool guy and then all of the sudden the bases are loaded, and you get a photo of his dick. I am speaking for the majority of woman out there.

What turns you on in the bedroom?

I love someone who can vibe out with sex toys and crazy positions. Ask me what I like, tell me what feels good, talk sexy to me when we’re in bed, and make me feel like a goddess. There is nothing I hate more than a man who only cares about finishing in 30 seconds.

Which kind of sex toys are we talking?

My vibrator has 13 speeds and gives me the most intense orgasm. It is awesome to use them alone but even better when you can use them with your partner.

What about the guy? What toys can he use?

I personally love the penis ring. It is so much fun to slide on your man because it feels so good for the woman. I also love dominating men sometimes, so I don’t mind some fluffy purple handcuffs and a blindfold.

What should a man never do in the bedroom?

Do not comment on when a woman gets air in her kitten. It’s not our fault our area might make a funny noise. Keep those thoughts to yourself!

Noted. Are there any sexy fantasies you’d like to fulfill?

To lock eyes with someone and then just have ravishing sex that takes you into nirvana or another dimension.

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