7 Things You Should Never Do In Bed

For the love of God, don’t do these things.


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There are many components that go into the perfectly executed sexual encounter, like adequate foreplay, the right atmosphere, orgasms all around, etc.

But there are also certain bedroom blunders that can be serious dealbreakers. That’s why we rounded up this list of the seven things you really should avoid during sex, in order to maintain maximum sexiness and keep her very happy.

Let’s begin.

1. Pushing down on her head
Unless you’re caressing her hair lovingly, you shouldn’t even be touching a woman’s head when she’s going down on you. Pushing her head down and forcing her to take you deeper is a pretty aggressive move that should be avoided (unless of course you’re both into that), and is a big turn off for most women. So, it’s generally a wise idea to grab something else should you feel the need, like her ass, if you can reach it.

2. Cringeworthy dirty talk
Gentlemen, if you’re going to talk dirty to your lady, you should know what you’re going to say beforehand. If you get real close to her ear and stutter, for instance, it’s really, really not hot and actually a little cringeworthy. Speaking from experience, here.

3. Not complimenting lingerie
Women put a lot of thought and effort (and money) into their lingerie, and if she’s wearing something sexy, she wants you to notice it. That’s a guarantee. And if you just rip off her clothes without even batting an eye at all that sexy lace, she’s going to be disappointed.

4. Jackhammer finger banging
Do people seriously still do this? Please don’t. 

5. Flatulence
Yes, we’re all human and we all fart. However, if you’re one of those guys who thinks farts are hilarious and cuts the cheese whenever, wherever, no matter who they’re with, it’s time for an intervention. For approximately 99 percent of women, farts are not funny in the bedroom, coming from the ass of someone they’re about to sleep with. It’s especially not sexy when you’re bumping uglies and you let out a giant prrrttt. My advice? Hold it in until you’re far enough away for her not to notice, and let it rip. 

6. Not reciprocating
It’s only common courtesy to go down on her after she spends 20 minutes with her mouth on your junk. Women like receiving oral sex just as much as you like blowjobs, so don’t skimp on that. She’ll thank you later.

7. Passing out without making sure she came
We know it’s male human nature to get sleepy after sex, but you should also know that it’s not very nice to cum, untangle your limbs, and immediately go to the land of golden slumbers without making sure she came, too. The easiest solution is to set aside more time for foreplay and get her off then, or stay awake a couple minutes longer and bring her to orgasm with some hand play. Simple, right?

*Now* you can sleep.

Happy banging!