What Percentage of Millenials Would Give Up Sex For the Internet?

Far, far too many.

In the age of Tinder dating disasters and Ashley Madison data dumps, the Internet and sex seem to go hand in hand. But in all fairness, sex was here first. Which is why we’re more than a little surprised to see that a recent study of the sexual behaviors of milennials revealed just how dependent on technology we may have become.

Of the participants ages 18-34, a whopping 37% said they would trade in getting busy for internet access—for one full year. And the younger we go, the worse it gets. That figure jumps to 42% in 18-24 year olds. Saddest of them all, when you only factor in participants who identify as single, 47% of them are prepared to bid nookie farewell if it means unfettered web surfing. 

Hey, if you’re single, perhaps you’ve forgotten why it is that we love sex so much. Might we suggest putting the smartphone down, getting out there, and jogging your memory?

Photos by Getty Images