8 Things She’s Thinking About During Foreplay

Here’s what’s actually going through her mind.


(Photo: Getty)

When done right, foreplay can even be better than sex. All that anticipation and teasing from getting handsy (and mouthy) builds up some delicious sexual tension, which is amazing for both you and her. And the more tension that builds up, the sweeter the release when you actually indulge in some P-in-V action.

We already know what most guys are thinking during foreplay – “Give me a blowjob. Get naked. Good. Now sex. Now I will sleep.” Not that complicated. 

But trust us when we say, women are not as simple when it comes to foreplay, and that’s why you should know what’s actually going through her head when things are getting hot and heavy.

1. “Blowjob time? Blowjob time. Prepare to have your mind blown, baby.”
Having your penis in her mouth might not always be the most pleasant thing for her, but many women are seriously turned on by having full control over a guy’s sexuality. When your pleasure is in her hands, nay, her mouth, that sense of power makes her feel like a goddess. But whatever you do, don’t push her head down. Women hate that.

2. “Hell yeah, I’m amazing at blowjobs. He’s moaning. He loves it”
The little grunts and swears you let out are music to her ears, because it shows her you’re really loving the magic she’s working with her mouth. And when you love it, she loves it, and everyone just gets seriously turned on. It’s a win-win situation. Keep up the sound effects, buddy.

3. “I really hope you go down on me next.”
Fellas, we know you don’t go down on women nearly enough as they go down on you. Don’t deny it, because science already proved it. More often than not she’s going to give you a stellar blowjob that leaves you breathless, so it’s only right you go down on her after. Hell, surprise her by going down on her before she gives you head. She’ll love it. Promise.

4. “Get your penis away from there, I’m not done doing this yet…”
When you rush foreplay (and let’s be honest, it’s always rushed), your lady might not be entirely ready for you to stick your penis in her. Keep in mind that it’s a lot simpler for men to get aroused, but women are complex creatures that need a little more TLC to really get going. Even if you feel like you’re 100% ready to rumble, keep at the foreplay for her sake. You’ll notice the difference.

5. “Did you even notice my lingerie?”
You didn’t even notice that she was wearing brand new lingerie she spent a fortune on? Come on, guys. She didn’t put on those thigh-high stockings and matching lace bra and panties for them to be ignored. We know you want to get her naked ASAP., but it’s a lot sexier if you actually notice how hot she looks in her skimpy lingerie. Take a minute to appreciate how fine your woman looks standing in front of you in all that lace. Then proceed to rip it off.

6. “That’s not my clitoris. Nope, not there either.”
Please, please, PLEASE know where the clitoris is located. That’s one of the most important rules of foreplay. Actually, it’s one of the most important rules of life. Seriously. The clitoris for her is what the head of your penis is for you, meaning it’s full of sensitive nerve endings, making it the number one place you should pay attention to. Google it, find out where it is.

7. “Oh yeah, keep doing that. Exactly that.”
If she’s writhing and moaning when you’re doing something specific, like kissing and licking her neck or fingering her, don’t change it. Keep doing the same thing. It’s no secret men are tempted to switch it up the second they realize she loves what he’s doing, but please, resist that temptation. If you’re fingering her and she loves it, don’t switch to jackhammer mode. That doesn’t feel good. Just keep on keepin’ on, or you might cost her an orgasm. And you don’t want that, do you?

8. “…fuck me. NOW.”
It’s go time.