Here’s What Women Really Think About During Sex

“Sometimes I think about our cats.”

Getty/Markus Amon 

The male ego often leaves us thinking we have the sexual prowess of a Greek god in the sack. How many times have you been banging away and thought, “This is definitely the very best she’s ever had”?

Well, in the eyes of your lady, that’s likely not quite the case. As this tongue-in-cheek thread from the anonymous messaging app Whisper shows, all of those hyper-masculine notions floating around your head are definitely not the same types of things running through the mind of the woman next to you. 

The whispers sent regarding what women are really thinking about during sex were all over the place. Apparently, the female mind really does run wild while you’re humping away—just not with thoughts of you. 

All of the entries are hilarious, so long as it wasn’t your girl who sent them…

The ex? Ouch. Let’s lighten things up. While most dudes experience an insatiable appetite about three seconds after they finish, women evidently think about food during sex. A lot. 

Boredom was another common theme. 

And then there’s the bizarre “miscellaneous” category. 

Hey, whatever gets them there, we guess. 

h/t: Bro Bible