Science Has Uncovered What a Woman Looks for in a Penis

And it’s good news for men. 

Face it: when you’re in flagrante with a woman, she’s unlikely to tell you anything except, “Of course your penis is perfect, baby.” As she should. You would never suggest that any of her parts were anything less than phenomenal, right? Right.

But behind closed doors, the data-driven folks at institutions like the University of California Los Angeles and University of New Mexico Albuquerque are getting the unfiltered story about what women really prefer down under, and we’re not talking boxers or briefs.

In a new study using 3D models, the researchers showed 75 women 33 different dongs (well, plastic models, but you get the idea), and had them select their preferences. When it came to a serious relationship, women want your package to be 4.8 inches in girth, and 6.3 in length. If you’re just in it for some casual sex, however, that figure jumps to 5 inches in girth and 6.4 in length. Perhaps this is all the motivation you need to ditch your #NetflixAndChill approach to dating.

So yes, size does matter. Duh. But the good news for everyone is that what women want may be slightly larger than the average (4.7 to 6.3 inches), but just barely. 

Photos by Getty Images