These Are the Top Physical Traits That Women Want Most in Men

Get your pencils out, my dudes.

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We all have our own ideas about what manly physical characteristics that women are most attracted to.

It dictates everything from how we dress, what we eat, and, yes, even how often we hit the gym. 

But according to an interview with a representative from steaming smut giant Pornhub in The Daily Star, what we think women like to look at and what they actually look at are completely different—at least according to their most-searched words on the porn site.

“The most popular porn searched by women is ‘lesbian’ and has been for several years,” the spokesperson said.  

Apparently, they aren’t even necessarily interested in looking at men when they’re in the mood to get off. Bummer!

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But when did they did want to see some male junk, they tend to search for guys who are large and in charge–when it comes to their dicks, at least.

“Women searching for men of a particular type generally will use terms like ‘big dick or ‘black/ebony’.” Sorry guys—size does indeed matter. 

Good thing we all have ridiculously huge dongs, right? 

And that’s not the only revelation from the down-and-dirty sex survey. When women aren’t scouring the web for porn clips featuring dudes with giant peens, they’re not exactly looking for the hairless, baby-faced male model from the latest Calvin Klein ad. 

Instead, the next-hottest search terms were “hairy” and “daddy.” 

It’s time to literally put some hair on your chest and grow out that beard, because it’s what the ladies are diggin’ these days–at least according to Pornhub.

h/t: FHM