This Is the Sexiest Thing You Can Say to a Woman In Bed

A new survey reveals everything you ever needed to know.


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As we can all agree, we make a lot of noises in bed. Moans, grunts, dirty talk, whale calls… you name it. It’s sex, it feels good, and weird sound effects simply happen. But guess what? According to a new survey, there are certain things women like to hear more than those involuntary moans and groans.

On a mission to find out fascinating facts about sexual behaviors, surveyed over 5,000 people on their sexual habits, and came across some interesting results—namely, what women like to hear in the sack. 


Apparently, the number one thing women like to hear in bed is: “Who’s your daddy?” or anything else that encourages her to call you “daddy.”

Daddy. Daddy, daddy, daddy.

I shit you not, my friends. That one cliché line will make her panties drop faster than you can comprehend why she loves calling you daddy so much.

The second sexiest thing that can come out of your mouth is something along the lines of “Damn, you’re so tight,” which is a turn-on for ladies because it subtly lets them know they don’t have a large hallway for a vagina, and instead have a glorious box that hugs your penis in just the right heavenly way. Who wouldn’t be flattered by that? 

Lastly, the third hottest thing you can say to a woman during sex is how much you like having sex with her, because all women want to feel wanted. Simple as that.

Next up, the study looked at the physical traits that women pay attention to and enjoy the most, and they are not surprising at all


Turns out the most important thing for a woman’s partner to have is a big dick. Surprised? I’m not. The women also reported that they like it if their man is athletic and fit, as well as tall. So basically, they want to sleep with an NBA player. Again, not surprising. 

But on a side note, it was found that, on average, men love a woman with a healthy body figure, a big booty, and firm boobs. Ahh, classic

The survey investigated a lot of other areas, which you can see here. But to sum up, some other random findings of this study include:

  • 24.1 percent of participants would participate in an orgy with their current partner, only after crushing a few drinks.
  • 56 percent of participants would never, ever have group sex.
  • 27.7 percent of the women in the study would have a girl-on-girl-on-dude threesome with their current partner.
  • Most people like to get drunk, drink coffee, or do drugs before sex. Or do all three, because it’s fun.

Well, you just learned a lot of facts about the sexual behaviors of random people. The more you know, folks!