Where to Party in the Lone Star State

Because everything’s bigger (with endless possibilities).

You’ve finally put your vacation days to good use. Whether you’re sipping mai tais on a tropical island or you’ve found yourself day-drinking on a hotel rooftop, your end goal is usually the same — find the hottest spot, and rage your face off. Because we understand the struggle of knowing where exactly to post up, we’ve curated a list for those spending their time off in good ‘ol Texas, where you can eat, drink, and dance your way to an extremely satisfying night of debauchery. 

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THE BLOCK (San Antonio): 
Definitely the most “out-of-the-box” spot on our list… the Block is a “food-truck-foodie” paradise. The expansive park area features a large full bar, huge patio space with seating, games and great live music – all surrounded by San Antonio’s best gourmet food trucks. Since we’re talking about MOBILE food trucks here, the mouth-watering options change daily, and with over 50 food trucks having served at The Block since it first opened, the menu never gets old.


Solving the “so what do you want to eat?” 45-minute unproductive conversation – Head down to the Block, grab a drink and whatever delicious mobile-eats your heart desires and enjoy!


Something from every food truck in attendance . . . Adjustable waistband recommended. Here’s a few of The Block’s “regulars”

·      Crazy Carl’s

·      Chela’s Tacos 

·      Chocollazo

·      B – Daddy’s BBQ

·      Sir – Wacha

·      Gus Empanadas

·      Where Y’at

·      Rickshaw Stop

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CLAYTON’S BEACH BAR (South Padre Island): 
If you’re near South Padre Island in the summer, Clayton’s Beach Bar should definitely be on your to-do list. Known as “the biggest beach bar in Texas” Clayton’s is hard to miss, especially on the weekends when they light up the sky with fireworks. 


A weekend getaway with your buds, hang on the beach sipping cocktails by day and rock out to some live music at night.


One of the signature Turbo Pina Coladas, seafood ceviche & shrimp tacos.

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GASLAMP (Houston): 
In the heart of midtown Houston, GasLamp is the new the kid on the block – but quickly becoming that hot girl at the club you can’t stop staring at. The three-story industrial-meets-contemporary lounge, complete with an outdoor patio and rooftop terrace gives GasLamp a cool vibe that makes you want to stay and hang a while. The sweet view of the downtown Houston skyline doesn’t hurt either.


A fun happy hour that turns into a night on the town. Challenge your buds to a game of magnet-pong or ring toss, then party on the dance-floor all night long with funky tunes and one of GasLamp’s signature cocktails or (over 40) draft beers. 


The Chicken Kabob, Steak Fajita Tacos & Homemade Mochi Ice Cream.

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If you’re looking for a place to relax on a hot summer day in Dallas, head over to The NYLO Dallas South Side Hotel’s SODA bar. With its ultra-moden and arty atmosphere, the NYLO is definitely a cool and unique spot to spend the day or night. The SODA bar itself is situated in a cozy nook on the hotels’ rooftop next to the pool that overlooks the city. 


Cooling off on a hot summer day with light bites and drinks. The rooftop is also a great vantage point to watch the sun set over the city (bottom line? Yes, you should bring your next date here).


Gotta try one of the signature NYLOrita’s and any one of of their “Two-Hand Sammiches.”

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SLATE (Austin): 
Slate in Austin is a diverse space recently renovated with modern industrial vibe that compliments Austin’s cool culture. The Mediterranean-inspired restaurant/lounge offers a variety of creative food and drink pairings and a killer happy hour menu.


Brunch, Lunch, Happy Hour, Dinner . . . Like a culinary chameleon, Slate is fully equipped to keep you satisfied anytime of day.


The pork belly mac n’ cheese… We know, we know…and trust us, it’s as good as it sounds!